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Support verb (English Dictionary definition):-
to agree with and give encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her, or it to succeed

Telecoms Consortium contact center consists of trained engineers that can be reached through a variety of ways. Our trained telephone and data engineers are contactable via telephone, email or via a comprehensive ticketing system which can be viewed online. You are able to view all historical issues and questions along with progress reports – allowing you to see what we are doing and how we are doing. Once a ticket is opened there is a single point of contact from start to finish who takes ownership of the problem until it’s resolved.

  • Single point of contact
  • 24/7 support plans for mission critical solutions
  • Online fault tracking system.
  • Reach out to us via telephone, email and Internet.
  • Proactive monitoring system for larger communication systems.
  • Track your faults via apps for ANDROID and APPLE
  • Remote dial in via internet and ISDN
  • Screen takeover where necessary via our portal
  • ‘Customer comes first attitude’ from top to bottom.

Zendesk provides a cloud-based customer support platform which allows quicker and easier interaction between businesses and customers.

This customer service and support ticketing platform, gives us the ability to handle customer calls, emails, and other tech support inquiries. Because zendesk software is cloud-based, our customer service engineer can respond to you through different phone numbers and email addresses all on the same interface. In addition, customers can contact the business directly through our website or app, making the help process both easier and quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

On a standard VOIP phone dial *123 and enter your pin.

On an Avaya phone system dial *17

Simply log into SWIFT and set the credit limit and email address under customer details.

Telecoms Consortium have remote access to your router to be able to perform remote diagnostics. The router is locked down to everyone unless you have otherwise stipulated.

For our BT Lines, the mail server is

For our LLU Lines, the mail server is

Telecoms Consortium are open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

A support ticket can be raised by emailing or call us on 08448840000. You can also raise and check progress at

If your broadband has stopped working, we would recommend turning the router on and off, and also checking the phone line with a corded phone to check if you have a dialtone. When you raise a ticket be sure to tell us what lights are lit on your router.

Please dial 888, this will connect you to the Avaya support team directly, bypassing our IVR. Changes are normally done at the moment you call.

For hosted phone systems, we recommend Yealink handsets, for BT Lines we recommend Avaya, for Leased Lines and EFMS we recommend Bintec, for ADSL and FTTC we recommend TP-Link.

Itemised Bills, Graphs, Top10 Reports, Extension Analysis, Destination Breakdown,Recurring Charges By Site, Site Spend to name but a few. Let support know and we will make sure the bill is exactly how you want it.

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