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SIP trunking is now an industry standard update for the traditional ISDN line. Apart from its recognized stability it has immediate cost benefits, flexability of use, allows you to keep a telephone number for life, gives business continuity and can even be diverted to an alternative location in the event of an internet failure.

Telecoms SIP

We have our own Session Border Controller (SBC) which is fully protected against fraudulent activity and monitored at all times. Credit limits can be set in place to help manage and control an individual or organisations usage, an email alert is automatically sent out when these have been breached.

SIP is flexible to allow other SIP devices, services, exchanges to talk to each other effectively and we are happy to aid PBX providers making sure their setup is all working correctly.

More benefits

  • Transparent calling line presentation – we can present any number that is required, including a non geographic numbers.
  • We are ANNEX 2 carrier grade licensed – This allows us to integrate directly with BTs system giving us the freedom to port from virtually any service provider. Number ports typically take around 10 days to complete with Telecoms Consortium doing all of the legwork.
  • Save money on call costs and line rental
  • Free internal calls and great features
  • Scale up and down when you want
  • Built-in Business Continuity
  • Toll quality with a variety of CODECS supported
  • Compatible with Skype for Business
  • Pick your own STD code allowing us you to have a presence anywhere geographically. Telecoms Consortium can also provide international numbers if required.

Failovers can be configured to multiple endpoints and the trunk can be configured to scale up and scale down at the touch of a button.

Why SIP is better than ISDN


Saves up to 50% on line rentals and 25% on calls


You’re in control. Add lines, take them away, split calls – it’s up to you. ISDN lines do not have this kind of flexability


Choose how and where you want calls delivered. Make changes instantly without having to wait months for suppliers


Well mapped out and ready for voice / data convergence


SIP handles emergencies with ease. Allowing you to reroute calls to backup sites in seconds

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