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Having multiple suppliers for the ‘last mile’ with a variety of choices that suit pricing and performance. We are able to supply Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and broadband at competitive price.

TTC are a RIPE registered company with all connections being connected directly to our core network that sits at the heart of the Internet. We are able to provide ADSL2+ and BT fiber connections that are essentially ‘on-net’ for our SIP trunks and hosted systems.

Resellers are able to log into SWIFT and set usage alerts, buy topups and change passwords. They are able to switch connections on and off allowing protection from credit problems. Reverse DNS and IP address management are also catered for. SWIFT will clearly show all your customers connections, what they are and who is online and who is offline.

Variants include

  • Annex M
  • ADSL 1
  • ADSL 2+
  • FTTC 40 Mb down 2Mb up
  • FTTC 40 Mb down 10Mb up
  • FTTC 80 Mb down 20Mb up

We have below average contention meaning that you are getting the fastest possible connection at a very competitive price.



Our support team will go the extra mile and quite often will go to router level to try and diagnose your problem. Faults can be booked out through an online portal, email or by simply ringing our contact center. Typlical response times are less than one minute. Our trained staff will help with the issue whether it is profiling, IP routing or simply RADIUS authentication – we are here to help. We can even provide a router for your connection pre-configured giving a one-stop-shop, leaving you with a complete solution end-to-end simply by plugging the router in.


Meeting your needs

Telecoms Consortium use multiple suppliers for the ‘last mile’ with a variety of choices that suit pricing and performance. Provisioning is provided by either an email or the SWIFT portal with the ability to see delivery times and engineering notes. OPENREACH and LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) together with ‘simultaneous provides’ means that the line is installed fast together with the line and the broadband installed together.

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