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With comprehensive billing reports and automatic fraud protection; our service can provide a reduction of up to 30% for both fixed line and telephone calls. Online billing is available giving you control over your bills.

Telecoms Consortium have a direct relationship with OPENREACH allowing us to order and report faults direct to the carrier. Telecoms Consortium offer a one-stop solution with the ‘buck stopping at us’. Our support staff are all trained telephone engineers who will follow any faults through from beginning to end. Online billing is available with flexible reporting, clearly showing where you are spending your money and allowing you to ‘drill down’ making sure you get the most from your communications systems.


Customers portal

Customers also have a portal that allows them to view their bill online and also set up an e-alert if specific conditions are met. If VOIP technology is employed, the bills are up to the minute whilst traditional lines are updated every 24 hours. Alerts can also be set up which trigger an email based on calls and totals meeting a specified criteria. Invoices are generated monthly by email and paid using our Direct Debit facility (we do not use an aggregator to keep costs down) and monthly reporting is included at no extra charge. Typical reports include:-

  • Itemized bill (in PDF and CSV format)
  • Telephone Number usage
  • Summary Reports
  • Typical Top 10 reports
  • Extension Analysis (if required)
  • Destination breakdown
  • Recurring charge by site
  • Site spend
  • Services List


Non-geographical numbers

Also available is our non-geographical service; a type of telephone number that is not linked to any specific locality such as 0844 and 0871, full reporting is also available on this services. We use only Tier 1 carriers making sure the required number is delivered every time. Should there be a fault our support team are on hand via phone, email or support ticket and will act immediately limiting any down time and keeping your business running.

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