From large organisations to the smaller end user, Telecoms Consortium pride themselves in providing the right network and support that is needed. The following case studies are examples of how we have achieved this.

Accident Exchange

Accident Exchange PLC is one of the largest accident management companies in Europe. Their team of over 350 people provide the security for more than 3.6 million motorists who have the protections of their Accident Aftercare service.

Telecoms Consortium have worked with Accident Exchange over the years providing telephony and call center services. We provide calls and lines to their head offices and nationwide depot locations along with broadband and data services. Advice has been given from the beginning leading to a resilient voice network serving thousands of users.


Sportlobster is a social networking website that was launched in 2013 and is available online with two of the major mobile operating systems, iOS and Android. The company was founded by Andy Meikle, Arron Shepherd and Nico Cary and is currently based in London. It is viewed as the Facebook specifically aimed at sports fans.

Sportlobster is fed by my multiple technologies supplied by Telecoms Consortium. The internal and external network infrastructure was designed and installed by Telecoms Consortium. A combination of leased lines, EFM and broadband power the superfast network all providing resiliency by the latest shadowing technology. Wifi is provided using a controller and a hosted platform runs the voice fed by several Telecoms Consortium SIP trunks. The high availability and demand is monitored and catered for by the use of our portals and if a problem occurs we are able to predict it before it occurs in some cases. Gigabit Ethernet switching equipment using copper and fiber were installed to provide a fully resilient complete solution.


Yotam Ottolenghi is a British chef, cookery writer and restaurant owner. His chain of London restaurants serves freshly made food free from preservatives and coloring.

Ottolenghi have several restaurants all with Avaya phone systems using our calls and lines. Data is provided using a mixture of ADSL and fiber connections. Ottolenghis needs a 247 service that is reliable and also future proof. Avaya has given them the freedom to expand and also make sure that every table booking and order is answered in the most efficient manner. Separate Guest and back office WiFi services are all serviced using our data network.

Adore Cruises

The award winning Adore Cruises are one of the UK’s leading Cruise and Stay & Cruise Deals Specialist. Recently launching their own television channel they offer 1000s of cruise packages to choose from and are fully ATOL approved.

Based in Harlow they have a leased line on our network which connects through a SIP trunk to our servers using a managed router which is monitored and reported by us. Remote workers around the World and the UK connect using our broadband services to head office and call out from head office as if they were in Harlow. Call recording and call center tracks their performance and call statistics are all monitored through our portal. This is a complete IP Global solution with monitoring and encompasses all aspects of what we do from VOIP telephony to global network solutions.

Goodman Resteraunts

Goodman Restaurants is a restaurant chain in the City of London comprising of many brands.

They required a system that had a very complex Auto Attendant moving calls in different directions at different times of day. There old provider were unable to provide the flexibility they needed so Telecoms Consortium was commissioned to provide a solution. Telecoms Consortium built and designed the IVR in tandem with the customer and then access to a portal was given that allows them to choose how and when the calls are to be answered on the fly. Calls divert to various branches if another branch is too busy to take a booking and this way no bookings are missed. Our billing system divides the calls to the various branches and to date the project has worked without a hitch. The hosted solution has proved ideal and is a perfect example of the latest technology being used to provide a practical solution.

Three C’s Charity

Three Cs is a person-centred, inclusive organisation for people with learning disabilities and/or mental health challenges.

Three C’s provide accommodation and care for people with learning disabilities in and around London. Each location is fed by our own lines using OPENREACH as a provider. FTTC and broadband services connect to our network allowing Three Cs to run voice and data at each site. Telecoms Consortium provide the routers and we provide technical support giving the complete end-to-end solution.

Rarebreed Marketing

Rare Breed provides a full range of integrated services to the marketing industry. Based in the City they already had an AVAYA phone system but had several issues which were affecting the way they worked. Telecoms Consortium were employed to check the integrity of the system and also improve a legacy SIP trunk. After a full audit a report was written and Telecoms Consortium were asked to action the various points and also improve security for their voice and data system. Our SIP trunk was installed which was proved to be above certified security standards and all issues were ironed out. Upon moving they went to a hosted system so they could retain their telephone number and the move happened with ZERO call loss. Flexibility was the key with the number moving between sip trunks and hosted system so they could choose where they wanted to work and when they wanted it to happen without any loss of service.

Chocnibbles Confectionery

Sweetdreams is a factory in Newcastle Upon Tyne providing a delicious confectionery consisting of chocolate, caramel and nuts.

Telecoms Consortium provide a flexible hosted system for this manufacturing company with Auto attendant and the ability for their number to be answered virtually anywhere in the country. Advice has been given from the top down and a whole host of services have been delivered to make the voice and data network a success helping to drive their business forward.

Trinity Broadbasting Network

TBN is the world’s largest religious network broadcasting on SKY TV channel 582. It is the Worlds largest faith network and is based in America.

A leased line was required in the UK which was 100% resilient to feed video and data during broadcast. The shadowed circuit needed to be up absolutely when needed and monitored constantly for problems and utilisation. Telecoms Consortium installed a shadowed leased line with one of our managed routers which feeds back to our NOC and statistics are obtained via the portal along with e-alerts if any matched triggers are met. To date there has not been an issue and has 100% uptime including an upgrade to double the speed across the network.


Mahiki is a premier night club based in Central London and a popular hotspot for the celebrity and paparazzi.

The data network and Avaya phone system all run on our network serviced by a combination of leased lines and fiber connections. Other nightclubs and restaurants in the groups also have the same solution and are networked fully. Busy seasonal times are all catered for and the system has proved robust and resilient.

FedEx Logistics

FedEx UK provides a range of delivery and logistics services through an established national pick-up and delivery network.

Telecoms Consortium were first introduced to Federal Express UK to provide calls and lines for one of their regions. Enhanced reporting and quick resolution to faults meant they eventually moved the whole estate of their UK branches to our service. Looking after thousands of lines across hundreds of branches we provide a service that is critical to their business. Telephony is the life blood to a logistics company and we make sure that all lines are running 24/7. The online portal allows them to drill down to branch level and perform analysis on their bills.